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Effective disclosure matters to us. Given you're here, we think it matters to you too. So, here's the gist of our terms and conditions, what we are calling the Relationship Agreement.

Your responsibility is to help uphold our community values and ensure other community members also feel comfortable to do so.

  • Can do
  • Can't do

As a community member, you can:

  • Connect with other community members, build relationships with those members and collaborate on projects together.
  • Share your thoughts and ideas openly about how to improve our service, courses, learning experiences, and overall platform.

As a community member, you can't:

  • Use the community as a way to market and sell your services, unless people explicitly ask you to.
  • Be abusive to other community members.
  • Invite people via built-in platform features who you expect might undermine our community values.

Our full Relationship Agreement takes about 10 minutes to read.

It contains all the details you need to understand how our collective action (what we can and can’t do) will help this community thrive.

It's easy to engage in the Agreement Bypass Bias. Click on the "VIEW FULL RELATIONSHIP AGREEMENT" button and start rewiring 🧠