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With members from more than 90% of the global 500, IACCM enables organisations and professionals to achieve world-class standards in their trading relationships.

Their contract design pattern library is quickly becoming the industry reference point for finding effective, repeatable solutions to commonly occurring usability and understandability problems in contracts. These design patterns help you organize and communicate your contracts more clearly, so that they are read, understood, and acted upon.

Course Delivery Areas

Legal and Contract Design

Leaders seeking ethical change know where they want to take their organisations, stakeholders and customers. Wavelength has spent the last decade coaching and training leaders with the interpersonal skills, resilience and mindset to be effective in getting them there.

By directly linking new knowledge to behaviour and effectiveness, Wavelength's *content* will enable leaders and their teams to better communicate, navigate conflict, and maintain impact at every step of the change journey.

Course Delivery Areas

Leadership, Resilience, Conflict.

Based in Queensland Australia, Ground Up Consulting specialises in enhancing knowledge and practice around privacy and the protection of personal information.

Privacy Impact Assessments are generally seen as a checkbox exercise. But they can act as a catalyst for innovation in new programs (“information technology”-based or otherwise) that involve the collection, storage, use or disclosure of personal information are assessed for impacts on privacy. Learn how use PIAs as the foundation to catalyse innovation in this practically focused course.

Course Delivery Areas

Privacy by Design and Innovation

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We’ve got more partnerships in the works across Trustworthiness by Design, AI Ethics, User Experience, Digital Transformation and a whole lot more.

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