Our Vision

A community governed social learning platform and collective of ethical change makers designing trustworthy organisations that deliver positive social impact.

Need to know. Behind closed doors. Secrecy by design… F*%k that! We need openness, compassion, empathy and courage by design. We need to intentionally design more equitable organisations that cause positive social outcomes.

This is a massive part of why we setup Greater Than Learning.

But, as the focus suggests, this is about all of us. It’s about working together, challenging one another and finding ways to do incredible work.

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Community Governed

of change

The consultancy model (mostly) sucks. We know. We’ve done it. We’ve tried our best to make it better. It’s bloody hard.

But the super news is it doesn’t have to be this way. New models can and are emerging to support the best, most progressive and verifiably qualified leaders and practitioners to work together towards positive social impact.

We believe that this community – however it evolves over time – has the potential to be a collective of ethical change makers. Just imagine… The Big 4 is no longer the default. Instead, the right composition from the collective is selected, engaged, and empowered to do the work and achieve the impact.

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We get this is a somewhat loaded term. What impact? For whom? How is it measured? Can it be verified?

These are all important questions. We’re asking them. But, as you may have read above, we believe we are all best placed to answer them whilst working together.

For now, here’s the gist: We want to be able to demonstrate that community interactions, learning experiences and tools development actually leads to the design of more ethical, socially preferable technologies and organisational structures out in the real world.

For more, check out our impact model.


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