Our core values support the community in co-creating a platform that helps fulfil our purpose. Closing the ethical to intention gap in tech.

Closing the ethical intent to action gap in tech. This is our purpose.

What this means to us will evolve over time, but for now, it’s about bringing people together, and – through our platform – enabling them to learn new theories, apply new skills and develop actionable toolkits that support as many people as possible in closing gap.



These used to be called our 4C’s of Culture. But, we ended up thinking more about it and figured that it made sense to design these as Greater Than Learning’s Community Values.





Let’s add a little detail. Just keep in mind that these are absolutely for discussion.

  • Connection

    For us connection is about believing in the same ‘why’. It’s about establishing a shared purpose. It’s about empathising with one another, regardless of our differences, so we can tackle the challenges we face. Connection makes us stronger.

  • Collaboration

    The only way for us to achieve our ambitious vision - to positively contribute to society by making better, together - is to work closely and effectively with great people all round the world. Collaboration is how we optimise idea flow to ensure diverse, inclusive and societally positive outcomes.

  • Commitment

    We say what we do and we do what we say. We commit to our point of view and the decisions we’ve made. We follow through, review and learn from both the experience and outcome.

  • Consequence

    Everything we do has an impact. Every action we choose to take results in consequence. Consequences can be positive. They can also be negative. Key to our very existence (as an organisation, but also as people) is optimising for positive consequence. Every time we have a decision to make, we rely either formally or heuristically on our ethics framework. We direct our choices and actions towards positive individual, organisational and societal outcomes.

And above all, we own the consequence of our actions.

That framing is really about us as an organisation. Let us know if you think it extends nicely to the broader community.

Bringing it back to those ‘outside’ of our formal organisational structure… When engaging as a member of the Greater Than Learning Community:

  • Connect with other members in the shared learning journey. Help build a shared vision for our collective future.
  • Collaborate with fellow members and the Greater Than Learning team. We can learn faster together.
  • Commit to the actions you choose to take. Be the change you seek in the world.
  • Embrace ambiguity, celebrate your victories and own the consequences of your  “happy little accidents”.

Preference is greater than acceptance

This is our foundational principle. It means we will never settle for just “getting away with it”. We’ll work our butts off to design an organisation and member experience that is overwhelmingly supported by those it impacts.

We’re committed to openness, accountability and participatory governance. We won’t take some actions without randomly sampling a cohort from our member base and conducting Social Preferability Experiments (see our Relationship Agreement for more detail on this).

We are not trying to build a ‘normal’ organisation. We’re building better.

Learn more about our approach.