About US


We’ve been leading major initiatives to design more ethical and trustworthy products and services for years. Now we’re helping you do the same.

Organisations the world over are seen to be failing at ethics. This may well be explained – at least in part – by the significant gap between their stated values and actions.

All this has led to a trust – and data trust – deficit. 

Although there’s a lot to all of this, the general idea is pretty well understood. Trust matters.

So, why aren’t organisation doing more? Why aren’t they doing better? 

The Problem We First Identified

There's a lack of experience. There's a skills gap. And, most important of all, there's a courage gap.

We Started Small

We founded Greater Than X to help systematically tackle these issues and progressively close these gaps.

Our work was focused on helping leaders and practitioners develop and practice new skills, learn through new experiences and develop toolkits that would better enable them to systematically design trustworthy products and services.

We imagined a world where the qualities of trustworthiness were basic expectations. A “right to play”.

Our team grew. We pushed the boundaries. Greater Than X became a leader of thought and action. 

We directly influenced data sharing ecosystems like the Consumer Data Right in Australia and Open Banking in the UK. 

Our models, methods and tools became integral to the workflows of hundreds of teams globally.

We Progressed Quickly

Some of the organisations We Worked With

What's the problem we're trying to solve now?

In short, we’re making it easier for people to learn how to design more ethical technologies – regardless of their role title or functional skills – that positively contribute to society.

How are we solving this problem?

We’re seeding a community governed social learning network.

We’re bringing together ethical change makers from all around the world.

We’re designing practical learning experiences and the supporting infrastructure to help people develop and practice the skills that will enable them to design more ethical technologies. Ones that positively impact society.

Join us on the journey.