Making better, together. It’s the tagline. But what do we mean by this and how are we doing it?


We believe that the goals of society, the goals of organisations and the incentives and metrics that support these stated goals need to evolve. Neoliberal economics is, after all, a limiting factor (oooooohh, controversy eh!).

But here we’re not going to focus on SDGs, Doughnut Economics or Wellbeing Adjusted Life Years. These, and so many others, are relevant models and considerations.

When we talk about impact we are talking about our community directly redesigning existing organisations – or designing new ones – that demonstrably exhibit the qualities of trustworthiness, and through this consistent and trustworthy behaviour, lead to positive social outcomes.

We’ve (the founders) spent a lot of time thinking about this stuff. It impacts our work. It impacts how we invest. It impacts how we consume. It also impacts how we parent (well, we try…).

What we’ve learned is that we have to keep learning. We have to keep connecting. We have to keep collaborating. We have to commit to actions we hypothesise will achieve good. We have to own the consequences of our actions.

The only way we really see this working is if we all do it together. The strength and potential for impact lies in the community and its collective learning.

Always be learning


Our impact model isn’t even a model yet. It’s a series of thoughts and speculations at best.

And that’s where we hope our approach to openness and participatory design (as a community) will play a role. By pooling our resources, our experience, our networks and our effort, we can design and deliver a truly meaningful impact model.

Wanna help? Join an upcoming Ask Us Anything session.