For far too long this question hasn’t been asked. The answer, swept under the rug. This is no longer acceptable. So let’s do something different.


Although our story covers a good bit of what led to Greater Than Learning, we’d like to make it really clear that this is a self funded initiative.

It’s hard to say down to the cent what has been spent – especially given a lot of dollars and plenty of sense has been deployed – but we estimate that between January 2019 when we first worked on a previous concept, through to the end of the 20/21 Australian financial year, we’ve invested about $700,000 AUD.

We plan to continue supplementing the organisations key activities until the value model is proving to work. This is a work in progress.

Pay what you want is not something we created. It’s a fascinating, trust based model that can be seen all around the world and across industries and contexts.

The thing is, when we try and understand how people assign value to something, we realise it’s kinda complex, reasonably subjective and highly individual.

So, what better way to engage with that nuance and ambiguity head on than to give folks the opportunity to make the choice themselves?

In short, this is an experiment. We hope it works. We will openly share data with each monthly progress update, so stay tuned!

Membership fees

Course Marketplace

We design our own courses. We are also progressively improving platform and support infrastructure so that others can design, deploy and earn monetary and other value from courses too.

This will – over time – become a learning marketplace. This won’t be something we control, but rather something we “seed”.

The platform and organisation enabling it will earn revenue each and every time someone pays for one or a group of courses. This funds new platform development, team building and of course, new courses.

We’ve thought long and hard about this. But again, our thinking is just the seed. It’s a frame of reference to get the community decision making process started.

We imagine the community will consider all types of options, and we’re really interested in the way that an Equity Crowdfunding Campaign could work (given our values and the way we’re acting on them).

Wanna help us figure this out? Sign up and join the community discussions.

External Funding