Do what we say and show it. This platform, and the community that help build it, is actually the case study we’ve all been searching for.


It’s important to lead with a definition. This can help us speak the same language and more productively work together.
By ethics we means the process through which a decision is reached that best aligns to our purpose, values and principles. This comes from The Ethics Centre.
You’ll see our purpose, values and principles communicated and enacted throughout the community experience, but we feel it’s important to highlight something here. Preference is greater than acceptance. This is our guiding principle. It means we will always optimise – collaboratively – for the most socially preferable outcomes. We will never settle for what we can get away with…
The consistent process through which an organisation decides, documents and verifies that its activities (both in intent and outcomes) are socially preferable. This is our definition of an ethics framework. 
We build upon this definition by biasing towards an operational approach that is skills based and behaviour driven.
We feel well positioned to kick this off because doing this stuff for others has been a huge part of our past. The time to do it for ourselves, as effectively and openly as possible, is now.

An Operational Approach

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We’d rather show than tell. This inspires greater confidence and is inherently more meaningful.
So, with that said, we invite you to:
  1. Explore how we make decisions
  2. Engage with our key decision log
  3. Check out how our roadmap is impacted by these decisions, and
  4. Join us on the journey to designing better

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