Ecosystem Partnerships

There’s a heap of folks doing amazing work globally. We think there’s an opportunity to do more, together. 

We’ve called this out before. A heck of a lot of work in and around the area of applied ethics in business and technology is duplication. There are lots of reasons for this. We’ll skip them for now.

The thing is, it simply does not have to be be this way. We can better utilise the resources at our disposal by connecting, collaborating and coordinating far more effectively.

Although we are very early in our journey, we’d like to spread this message far and wide. Consider this a very direct and deliberate shoutout to the organisations we want to collaborate with.

Connecting to a growing set of verifiable credentials across the ecosystem will benefit everyone.


Desired Ecosystem Partners

There are individuals, groups and organisations all around the world doing stuff that’s inspired us daily. There are a few that we’d absolutely love to work with.

This is the shortest possible version of our aspirational list. It’s a work in progress.

Wanna partner with us? Have other suggestions?