A Primer to Operationalising Data Ethics

Go beyond feel good ethics principles and turn ethical data practices into a competitive advantage

What's the course about

This course supports you in your journey to move beyond feel good statements and principles.

It covers some of the market context to why so many initiatives are failing. The overlaps, the duplication of effort and the frameworks that have fallen short of creating real positive change.

You’ll get to explore a tangible and concrete approach to operationalising data ethics with other practitioners.

You’ll reflect and make sense of this with a community of people like you all working towards making the world better.

Who is this course for

  1. Applied Ethicists
  2. ‘Tethicists’ (yup, Gavin Belson, we’re looking at you)
  3. AI Ethicists
  4. Responsible Innovation Practitioners
  5. Data Scientists
  6. Machine Learning Engineers
  7. Designers
  8. Researchers
  9. Product Managers
  10. Software Engineers
  11. Privacy Practitioners
  12. Data Protection Practitioners
  13. Lawyers
  14. Students, and
  15. Anyone else who wants to help design a more socially preferable future where tech really is a force for good


What's included:

Your Instructor

Nathan Kinch

Co-founder | Greater Than Learning

Nathan is a 3x entrepreneur, impact focused startup investor, speaker, writer and educator.

He’s spent most of his career designing organisations for the qualities of trustworthiness. Most of his days revolve around finding effective pathways to scale activities that have positive impact.

He lives on the sunny Gold Coast.

Learner outcomes

People who complete this course should be able to:

  • Describe some of the market forces leading to ethics failures
  • Understand and express the limitations that principles based approaches to data ethics have
  • Illustrate more systematic approaches to operationalising a data ethics framework
  • Identify and describe the cross functional roles that are needed to create a core team to lead this work
  • Discuss common challenges and pushbacks that are encountered when taking an operational approach to data ethics


Course Outline


You’ll learn the definition of data ethics, develop a better understanding of the shortcomings of current approaches and get a clearer sense of the impact these shortcomings have on people, society and markets. You’ll walk away with more confidence to have productive discussions and a sense that you’re not alone.


You’ll learn more about the shortcomings of principles based approaches and the various considerations that must be factored into whole of organisation approaches. You’ll walk away better prepared to identify common pitfalls and how to overcome them.


This is your first introduction to the concept of an operational Data Ethics Framework, its definition and its key functions. You’ll begin learning about social preferability as the benchmark and how you can meaningfully engage diverse stakeholders to test for it. You’ll wrap up with more confidence to talk about these approaches to your colleagues.


Although ethics is everyone’s job, you’ll be introduced to an ideal cross-functional data ethics team composition. You’ll learn simple tips to communicate with these team members and walk away ready to discuss how you can work with them to get started.


Operationalising data ethics isn’t always easy. There will be push back. Perhaps a lot of it. This lesson will help you understand common challenges and pitfalls. It’ll also help you prepare to define the tiny first steps you’ll need to take to start the journey and demonstrate meaningful progress.

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