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Current Active Courses

An Introduction to the trust toolkit
An Introduction to the trust toolkit
An introduction to the foundational concepts of trust to help you explore how to better earn trust in the eyes of your stakeholders
A Primer to Better Disclosure
A Primer to Better Disclosure
Learn the approaches to better disclosure and begin designing legal disclosures and contracts that people love.
A Primer To Operationalising Data Ethics
A Primer To Operationalising Data Ethics
Go beyond feel good ethics principles and turn ethical data practices into a competitive advantage

Upcoming Courses

An Intro To Privacy Program Innovation

For far too long privacy has been an afterthought, a simple ‘tick box’ compliance exercise. But… This couldn’t be further from the truth. Learn how to start small and innovate through privacy.

An Intro To Compassionate Leadership

Now more than ever before, leaders of all descriptions have to navigate uncertainty, complexity, volatility and ambiguity. Learn the tools to lead with compassion and work best with those around you.

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Well, first of all it depends on who you are and what you wanna publish. Assuming it aligns to the broad and diverse discipline of designing for the qualities of trustworthiness, then this very likely (as far as we can tell today) the best platform for you.

Why? Because the entire platform – from the way we design the organisation, technology and disclosures through to the learning experiences and community interactions – are dedicated and focused. The platform itself is a case study for how to design a trustworthy organisation.

Oh, and we’re optimising for action. If that’s aligned to the focus of your learning experience, then again, this is for you.

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