Core Learning Stream

Data Trust by Design Toolkit

Why does this stream matter

Every single micro interaction you design for your customers is an opportunity to demonstrate your trustworthiness. Each of these micro-interactions help you earn trust, or they erode it. This really matters because trust impacts the decisions people make to use, continue using or stop using what you’ve designed. In fact, trust disproportionally impacts bottom line business outcomes. Enhancing it is great for the people you serve as customers and really great for business.

Data Trust by Design is the toolkit for designing products and services that are worthy of people’s trust and confidence. It consists of:

  1. Guiding principles
  2. Distinct research, design and collaboration practices
  3. A series of design patterns
  4. Consumer outcome focused metrics, and;
  5. Tools that help bring all of this together into an effective workflow.

By engaging with the courses in this learning stream, you will become more effective at designing trustworthy products and services.

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