Core Learning Stream

Better Organisational Incentives

Why does this stream matter

What we incentivise or disincentivise directly impacts our behaviours. Our behaviours directly impact the products and services we design. These products and services directly impact people and the world around us.

Right now, most incentives structures are overly focused on shareholders and business. They fail to truly account for the things that people value, asking meaning to and have fun in the process of achieving. In short, incentives misalignment is a systemic issue that’s directly impacting society.

Courageous leaders have an opportunity to change this. And the time to start designing for this change is now.

The courses in this core learning stream will get you hands on with completely different ways of thinking about and redesigning incentive structures that explicitly create alignment between an organisation and its broad group of key stakeholders. This, although not discussed anywhere near enough, is one of the most powerful ways we can start #MakingBetterTogether.

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