Core Learning Stream

The Better Disclosure Toolkit

Why does Better Disclosure matter?

It’s well established that most contracts and disclosures are long, poorly designed and typically hidden away. Interestingly, consumers believe that easier to understand terms and conditions is the best thing organisations can do to restore trust.

This stream is about doing just that. You’ll get hands on with practical, evidence based approaches to Better Disclosure. You’ll do this by progressively learning about the Better Disclosure Canvas. You’ll take what you learn, apply it immediately and work with your peers to keep moving forward.

Courses within this stream will better equip you to design simple, effective and empowering contracts and legal disclosures. You might even be on your way to designing contracts that people love.


Legal Design and Better Disclosure is a cross-disciplinary, evidence based approach to designing contracts and disclosure experiences that are understandable, easy to interact with and valuable for all parties involved.

This stream is for:

  1. Lawyers
  2. Paralegals
  3. Contract Drafters
  4. Contract Managers
  5. Policy Advisors
  6. Legal Designers
  7. Contract Designers
  8. Contract Simplifiers
  9. Contract Visualisers
  10. Marketers
  11. Copywriters
  12. Product Managers
  13. UX Researchers
  14. UX Designers
  15. Behaviour Designers
  16. Strategists, and
  17. Anyone else who thinks that T&Cs and other legal docs could use some ❤️ and attention 😜

Course Difficulty Levels

Across the platform you’ll find courses to suit your skill and knowledge level. These will support you in getting started with new approaches that support you and the organisations you work with to enhance the qualities of trustworthiness.



These courses are aimed to get you started. They are appropriate for someone just starting out on the ethical change journey through to seasoned change makers. They get you hands on with the basics of new models, methods and techniques to making the world a better place.



These courses are aimed to take you deeper. They build on primer courses and take you deeper into concepts and the practicalities of using different toolkits. They support you in expanding your working knowledge of a subject area and enhancing the practical skills you already have.



These courses are for the seasoned practitioner. They build on primer and fundamentals courses but require extensive experience in the field. They bring additional subject matter experts to dive into the day to day challenges of making change happen in a modern business environment.

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This primer course doesn’t require much prior knowledge. So, whether you’ve been crafting clever contracts for years, or you’re simply frustrated with the status quo, this will get you started with new tools and approaches you can take to work immediately.

You’ll be getting started on the journey to designing legal disclosures and contract experiences that people love.

At the end of the course you be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the benefits to applying better disclosure in a business context
  2. Explain the varying tactical approaches that can be used and the evidence that supports them
  3. Show the practical ways to use the Better Disclosure Canvas and Toolkit in a modern business


Nathan Kinch

Nathan is a 3x entrepreneur, impact focused startup investor and co-creator of The Better Disclosure Toolkit.

He’s spent most of his career focused on designing organisations for the qualities of trustworthiness. He’s lived and worked all around the world. He’s led major programs for federal governments, large corporations, startups and research and policy institutes.

You can connect with him here.


Each lesson will:

  • Introduce you to a new concept
  • Help you reinforce what you’ve learned
  • Support you in practically applying what you’ve learned, and
  • Encourage active community engagement and social learning.

Here’s a brief overview of each lesson in this Primer Course.


You’ll begin developing an actionable understanding of the market context that supports the case for Better Disclosure. You’ll start refining how to discuss, pitch and advocate for approaches like this. And, you’ll wrap up with a clear sense that you are not alone. This is a global movement.


You’ll start by learning about the uses and limitations of the broad body of evidence referenced in lesson 1. You’ll learn more about the specific fields and professions that are leading the Better Disclosure movement. And, you’ll gain access to three insights that are immediately usable in your day job.


This is your introduction to the central artefact of this Toolkit, The Better Disclosure Canvas. You’ll learn about and remember the 8 consideration areas. You’ll have the ability to describe how to use the canvas sequentially. And, you’ll now have the ability to summarise how this tool can support organisations in designing better contracts and legal disclosures.


You’ll start learning how to construct the best possible Better Disclosure team. Kind of like the Avengers… You’ll also wrap up this lesson with greater confidence to support your efforts in connecting with this ideal team, getting them bought into the approach and preparing to get practical by working together.


Better Disclosure isn’t always easy. There will be push back. This lesson will help you understand common challenges and pitfalls. It’ll also help you prepare to define the tiny first steps you’ll need to take to start the journey and demonstrate meaningful progress.

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