What's in it for me?


‘Value’ is largely subjective. We recognise that. We also recognise it’s not up to us to simply ‘tell’ you why this is going to be valuable to you. But, we are gonna do our darnedest to make it easy for you to make that decision. 

More than a target market

We don’t tend to think about value propositions in terms of personas, target markets and other traditional models. We’re not saying these approaches are useless, we just don’t think they make sense for us.

Instead, we’re focusing on situational drivers that directly impact people’s motivation to act. This is closer to a Jobs to be Done style approach.

For reference, Greater Than Learning is for people who recognise that their decisions at work have ethical implications. 

For more about our back story, click here.

Why should you act?

We think we’re onto a problem worth solving. What we mean is that people really care about making a better world (in the specific context of designing products and services that lots of people rely upon). It’s important. But, today, pretty much everyone we seem to interact with is dissatisfied with the ways they’re currently doing this.

In short, when importance is high and satisfaction with the current way of doing something is low, you’re onto a problem worth solving. We refer to this as the ‘sweet spot’.

The purpose of Greater Than Learning is to help close this intent to action gap. It’s about bringing people together to learn better ways to take small ethical actions. These actions compound over time. As a result, incredible things can happen.

As far as we can tell, we are the only platform and community explicitly focused on this (*we recognise this is a ridiculously broad set of challenges and opportunities. More on tactical pragmatism in upcoming posts). By joining us early in this journey, you can help accelerate the #MakingBetterTogether movement. 

You can join us on this journey by participating in the private beta.

Again, we recorded the pair content creation session that produced this blog.