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A lot of people have been questioning our focus. Not because they think we’re ‘wrong’ or misguided, but because our vision seems so broad…

So you're telling me that this is about helping anyone, anywhere, designing any product or service...?

The (fictional) concerned observer

Think big. Start small

The answer to this is actually, yes! But there nuance and context that matters. This isn’t about a lack of directional clarity or focus. Quite the opposite (even if I do say so myself 😜).

We are designing a platform ecosystem to help close the ethical intent to action gap. We’re betting that this gap will be closed by – over time – lots of people willing to learn and do new things. We’re proposing our learning model can be a direct catalyst for this.

Our vision is big, bold and beautifully ambitious.

But even the boldest of visions require pragmatic and targeted execution. That’s why we’re laser focused. All of the core learning experiences – developed by us or our content partners – are focused very explicitly on designing to enhance the organisational qualities of trustworthiness. Specifically:

  1. How an organisation transparently communicates its true intent
  2. How an organisation consistently delivers the value it promises to deliver, and
  3. How an organisation behaviourally owns the consequences of its actions, particularly those that are the result of a negative outcomes

The core learning streams are categorised into 5 key areas:

  1. Better Disclosure
  2. Data Trust by Design
  3. Operationalising Data Ethics
  4. Courageous Leadership, and
  5. Better Incentives

Each ‘stream’ supports learning and actions that directly enhance the qualities of trustworthiness defined above.

Who is the platform designed for today?

This is less about a functional role title and more about what you believe, combined with your ‘sphere of influence’.

The qualifying criteria is simple:

  1. You think there’s an opportunity to do things better (specifically, more ethically) than they’re done today
  2. Through your work you are actively engaged in designing or marketing products, services and policies
  3. You are willing to learn and take meaningful action

You might be (in no particular order):

  • A Product Manager
  • A Product Marketer
  • A Product Designer
  • A User Experience Designer
  • A Service Designer
  • An Interaction Designer
  • A Software Engineer
  • A Policy Analyst
  • A Privacy Professional
  • A Data Protection Practitioner
  • A Legal Designer
  • A Lawyer
  • A Paralegal
  • A Startup Founder
  • An Applied Ethicist
  • A Systems Designer
  • A Data Scientist
  • An Academic
  • A Business Leader or Senior Executive
  • A Board Director
  • A Politician (Yes, you need this 😊) 

But don’t feel you have to box yourself into a functional role. Lot’s of people have various skills and experiences. Sometimes it’s hard to categorise, no matter how hard others want to. I’m definitely one of these people.

So, if you want to design more ethical, socially positive products, services and policies, reach out to Nate or Mat. Better yet, just join the beta and start #MakingBetterTogether