Hi folks,

You may have seen that we shut down our services firm Greater Than X. This was the way we were self funding Greater Than Learning.

This means in the immediate term both Nate and I need to go out and earn money. But this is not the end of the story, just a new chapter we can write together as a community.

Nathan is going to step back and focus on securing a full time role that brings together his work in applied ethics and responsible innovation with his focus on social impact. I’m going to get meaningful contract work to keep food on the table, whilst also stewarding Greater Than Learning over the coming months (and hopefully years).

What all this means is we’ve got a bunch of decisions to make. I’m taking the mic and continuing as the vision bearer.

First of all, we’re going to change the commercial model and make all our current courses free. We’ll keep the pay what you value for joining but that is likely to change as well. This means less pressure in seeing through a transition to a platform co-op and how much time I feel I can to devote to keeping everything moving. Have to avoid burnout.

This also means that we need to make some major changes to the proposition and how it is communicated and importantly reduce current infrastructure cost, especially hosting. I’m already onto greener hosting options and ones that don use Google Cloud.

There is still lots to figure out and I really need your help in this new chapter.

If you can devote any of your energy and expertise over the next few months please reach out. There’s a community forum discussion I’ve set up to work through this with all of you.

Thanks so much for believing in what we’ve been doing and all the support you’ve offered till now.

With gratitude,
Mat & Nate

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