Pay what you value


If you’ve followed our journey, you know we’re trying to do something different. We’re taking a complex systems approach, attempting to seed an ecosystem and enabling community governance in our attempt to design trustworthy organisations that deliver positive social impact.

Most of it is yet to be “figured out”.

Todays post relates to all of this. It’s about our community subscription model. 

In short, the model is an experiment. It’s based on a pay what you want approach. This isn’t new or something we created. It can be seen all over, from tech to food.

It’s a trust based approach that we think could work. In reality, we’re not so sure…

A little more detail

When we started this thing we didn’t know how best to make it work commercially. This isn’t about getting rich. That’s very clearly not the intention (more on that and how it relates to our legal structure in other posts). This is about seeding a community of practice that fosters connection, collaboration and meaningful action that delivers positive social impact.

With that said, doing stuff is resource intensive. You need time, money and a variety of other inputs.

To date we have self funded everything. But this can’t last. We need to transition to a model that is self sufficient. There’s more details about this in how we’re funded.

We’ve actually explored lots of options.

Where we are now is that there are three core commercial components to our value model:

  1. Pay what you value monthly subscriptions
  2. Courses we design, publish and sell on the course marketplace. And
  3. Courses other folks design, publish and sell on the course marketplace. We share in the revenue generated through these transactions

Focusing on number 1 for a moment, we reckon this is the most interesting part. Mostly because it’s an experiment. We don’t know if it’ll work. We think it has potential to support more inclusive community participation by enabling lots of different folks with varying abilities to pay to get involved. It also puts us very clearly out in the open by being vulnerable to the actions of others. After all, you can choose to pay $0.

What do we need to keep this going?

Our analysis leads us to believe that we need to average $5 per member per month. This enables us to continue further developing the platform, publishing free courses, designing community challenges and progressively evolving the tech stack to better align to our values and more explicitly enable personal data agency.

So, to ensure I’m not waffling, let me leave you with an ask…

If you are interested in what we’re doing, check it out and consider joining. If you know folks that might be in that same boat, please share this with them.

We can only move forward if we do it together.

Hit me up with any questions you have.