It's time to stop "enabling poor conduct"


Regulators the world over have taken aim at poor disclosure practices. In fact, ASIC have gone as far as to suggest that disclosure practices “enable poor conduct.” The flip side of this is that consumers believe “easier to understand terms and conditions” is the number one thing businesses can do to restore trust.

Why isn’t this being acted upon? Why do disclosures remain the same (long, incomprehensible, completely business centric and hidden away)?

The status quo is hard to break away from. But, by equipping people with models, methods and tools to make better disclosure easier than ever before, we are confident that this broad and pervasive problem can become a thing of the past. 

Our contribution to making this easier than ever before is our Better Disclosure Toolkit, a cross-disciplinary, evidence based approach to designing contracts and legal disclosures that are understandable, easy to interact with and valuable for all parties involved.

Here's a taste

This is the video from Lesson 3 in The Primer to Better Disclosure course.

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The truly brilliant news here is that you can get started learning and applying this toolkit for free.

Yes, for free.

And in doing this you can begin helping the market overcome poor conduct that is enabled by crappy contracts and legal disclosures. 

If you’re convinced, click here and get started.

If not, talk to us. We’re happy to have the hard conversations. We’re happy to share extensive evidence that supports our perspective. We’re happy to support you and others on the journey.

And if you wanna know whether we’re just talking the talk or actually walking the walk… Here you go.

How are we, at Greater Than Learning, practicing what we preach?

A good chunk of the answer to this important question is available here in our Key decision Log. If you want to experience the output of this decision and our Better Disclosure work directly, check out our Relationship Agreement. This is our version of Terms and Conditions.

We recognise there’s still a long way to go. Nothing that any of us are doing is perfect. But, the commitment to better is powerful. We, and so many others, are already demonstrating that.

Let’s ensure it’s a collective thing.

Until we speak.