It's time to fix the internet


A few weeks back, Mat and I ran a session for Betaworks as part of their #fixtheinternet hackathon. A week earlier I’d run a similar session for portfolio companies.

The general premise was that fixing the internet, although HUGE, has to be done step by step. It’s tiny actions that we need to commit to. These tiny actions have compound effects. 

This video showcases a step by step, real time process that we executed to demonstrate how early stage ventures (even at the concept stage) can start formalising their approach to ethics.

So, if you’re at the idea stage or early in company building, watch the video first. Then commit an hour to ethics to kickstart your journey. Make it a collaborative process.

Keep in mind that this something that might feel challenging. It might be confronting, because you are forcing yourself and your team to ask the hard questions and challenge your assumptions.

But, it will be worth it. 

Reach out if you wanna chat about the process further.