Community Progress Update 008


Hi folks,

To all new community members, welcome 😊 What an exciting journey you are now part of!

It’s been wonderful to be getting back into the flow working on this ambitious mission and vision recently.

In last months progress update we covered a great deal of ground. Three months had passed since the previous one so there was a heap to update on. I’ll be a bit more focused with this one. And while there is lots going on I’ll expand on two areas I covered in the last update. Namely:

  1. The phases of our beta roadmap and;
  2. Migration to Tethix and the phase transition from Seed to Seeding

So let me clarify the phases of the beta platform with the metaphors and allegory I used before. Let’s go…


Seed phase

This is the start we have now passed. We built a basic social learning platform with WordPress. We went through applying our own models and methods for ethical change to our organisation and platform. Operationalising our ethics framework. Creating short courses and learning activities. Enabling some of the social features and seeing how it all worked. Providing concepts for the vision of the platform ecosystem. It needed nurturing. We found shortcomings, but all the time nutrients were coming into the soil, while we composted what didn’t work. New connections were made all the time. And eventually a new name came sprouting out of the fertile ground: Tethix.


Seedling Phase

With Tethix we are at the beginning of a more thriving social learning platform. We will still utilise the current WordPress infrastructure you are familiar with, but we’ll clean it up and rebrand it. Improving site performance and sustainability. Continuing to create more learning experiences on ethics in tech. This will serve an emerging platform cooperative, based on a new ownership, governance and business model. We invite all of you to explore with us the exciting possibilities and discover where you fit in. In this phase we outline our current plans and collectively hone them. You’ll be actively involved in co-creating our DNA.


Sapling Phase

In this phase we’ll move beyond a community of interest. Nurturing a community of practice and action. This will see the foundations of a truly community owned and democratically governed business come to life. All while we explore new architecture for the our ethical edtech. The existing WordPress platform will still be used but the new technology of the platform will begin taking shape. Created with you, not just for you. There’ll be hybrid pedagogies enabling people to learn how to create ethical tech together. Peer to peer learning circles and applied learning projects. Supported by a set of community curated and validated tools to support ethical decision making at larger scale.


Tree Phase

Here we have collectively established the roots on the mother tree. Our new ethical edtech is being realised. A federated social learning network starting to be tested, validated and improved upon. Rather than joining Tethix, people will join an existing node or deploy their own. A network of little seedlings across the world. Helping communities of practice and of action to form around ethical tools and frameworks, within organisations and companies. By this time the current WordPress tech will disappear. Learning will take place and be shaped in more dynamic ways that represents the evolving needs of the communities in which we serve.


Forest Phase

This is so far out there are only scribbles, brief writing and drawings for this. Our small saplings need nurturing to get to this and we can cocreate and make this vision ours. We’ve envisioned a network of healing for our unhealthy relationship with digital technology. But this vision will shift and grow based on your involvement. You are the frontier gardeners, regenerating the soil, nurturing ecosystem seedlings and helping to shape the future of ethical tech.


Current Phase Transition

What we are going through now is this phase transition from Seed to Seedling.

Here are some important parts of transition you’ll need to be aware of.

  1. The current Greater Than Learning platform will be taken offline from the 30th of November to the end of January.
  2. All the data in your accounts will stay intact and your credentials for logging in will remain the same.
  3. Email reminders will be going out 1 week prior and 24hrs before it goes offline.

You can keep updated or get involved during this transition via our community chat space on Matrix. It’s like Slack but not a log of all communications some other company controls. You can signup and join via your browser or use the element iOS or desktop apps.


If you have any questions you can reply to this email. Or just ask them in the community chat.

With ❤️

Mat {m3}