Community Progress Update 005


A very brief community update this time round. Workstreams have slowed as Nathan stepped out and I’ve tried to continue momentum in a part time capacity.

Here’s some of the main highlights:

  • The introduction to the trust toolkit course went through some testing and refinement over the past weeks. It’s now live and Hilary and I will be doing some activities over the month to promote it widely.
  • We had community calls to discuss the transition to a platform cooperative. It was a small turnout but there were some great discussions had on considerations moving forward and why people want to be involved.
  • Conversations with potential founding members has continued. As I work through these discussions and clarity of commitment is surfaced I’ll be able to share more details.
  • The mobile app is still being worked through. This would mean an iOS and Android version of the platform is available to the community. But I have to assess how feasible it is for me to manage and maintain this moving forward.
  • I recently downgraded hosting to save on operational costs. This impacts the performance and speed of the site but I’ll be looking to devote some funds to addressing this in the coming months.
What's next?

We’ll be promoting the intro to the trust toolkit course over the coming months. This will involve some live events and Ask Us Anything sessions.

I’ll also schedule some more community calls to continue sense making on what a transition to a platform cooperative means. Keep an eye out for dates on this.

I’ll begin redesigning the public facing site and proposition over the coming months. This will also be surfacing the vision for the cooperative and the services it will offer to market. It will be slow moving but I’ll share ideas and designs via the forums for members that want to be involved.

While progress has slowed things are still moving. At this point the platform infrastructure is there for the community to use at no cost. As always if you want to utilise this please reach out to me.

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