Community Progress Update 001


Hi all

We want to start a regular updates on progress for the community. They are posted here for public view and also in the community forums. They might be monthly and then move to fortnightly and weekly as we grow capacity and the team. These will cover the things we have been working on and what is coming. Considering this is the first one to kick it off I’ll keep it limited to the what we’ve been focused on through December and January.

Course Creators
We’ve been spending time working through the experience for course creators. Figuring our how to make it easier for members to publish their own courses. We’ve been getting a curriculum together for learning experience design and Mural templates to support the process. If you want to get involved in this area and codesign with us, join this group.

New courses
Our next primer course on operationalising data ethics is being worked through. This starts off the core stream on this important area to support teams in moving beyond principles based approaches to data ethics. We also have the Data Trust by Design curriculum shaping up and a host of courses from partners we’ll be announcing in a few weeks.

Live (virtual) events
We spend some time creating the infrastructure for this and have kicked off a few already. There are a few categories of events from workshops and participatory design sessions, to ask us anything sessions and ones for community based governance. You can view them all here.

Interactive nano-learning activities
We’ve been putting together concepts for what we refer to as nano-learning challenges. These are 3-5 minute activities that cover a specific concept related to a course or core stream area. Some are purely to support recognition and knowledge retention. Others will be to problem solve and apply concepts already learned.

Enhancing connection and collaboration
We’re beginning to work on streamlining the onboarding experience. Looking at how we can enhance connection and collaboration between members. Some of this is around matching members as they join and begin the learning journey. Other aspects are on community challenges to enable people to put what they are learning into practice with other community members and compete in cross functional teams. 

Communicating the vision
Bringing together some of the sketches and scribbles together on the vision has been taking shape. Here is a basic talk through on the platform ecosystem architecture. How we transition away from the monolithic architecture of wordpress and to something like a federated model or decentralised entirely is going to start taking shape. Although this is much further out on the horizon it is important and also very motivating for us.

There is heaps more going on in the background but these are some of the highlights.

What’s next
The seed phase of the beta is almost there. We’ve learned a heap and now it is time to move into the next phase.

We’ll be testing out our ecommerce infrastructure so paying for membership is as seamless as possible. We’ve decided that there will be always be a free membership option, along with a paid membership. Our home page will be updated to reflect this in the next few weeks.

We’ve got a service through Buddyboss to bring iOS and Android mobile apps of Greater Than Learning to members. More on the launch of these next month.

Community challenges to bring members together and apply all they are learning, earn points, community credibility and have their work showcased.

More courses across the core streams from us and some from community course creators.

Kicking off the effort to bring more community based governance and decentralised decision making to the whole platform and organisation.

Reply here with any questions, ideas or suggestions.