Change and Continuity


We’ve had a rollercoaster ride lately. Our services business needed to be shutdown. As a result our self-funding strategy became redundant. We had to adapt and make some challenging decisions. A big one was Nathan and I going our seperate ways. This is hard. As co-founders working on something together for some time, it brings mixed emotions. But it was the best decision given our situation.

Nathan is pursuing a full time permanent role to work in applied ethics and responsible innovation. I will figure out how to continue on in a part time capacity to steward the platform.

This was a hard decision for both Nathan and I. One of the big questions I had was:

Should I just shut it all down and go pursue a full time role working in the field?

This was not a snap decision. I had to do some reflection. Seek input from existing community members and people that have been supporting since the start.

I decided that I will continue on as the vision bearer, work part time and commit to seeing things through.

With this comes some time constraints and in the short term momentum will slow down. But this does not mean everything stops. We are still exploring the transition to a platform cooperative. We’ve got early discussions with potential founding members. Plus conceptual details coming on how a cooperative of this nature might work. I’ll be sharing some updates in this area early week. From exploring governance models and member ownership structure to organisational design and applied learning projects.

We’ve also got a fantastic introductory course on trust and trustworthiness about to launch. This course has been co-created with Hilary Sutcliffe from Society Inside and is a fantastic introduction to this complex area. More coming on that next week.

At a high level there are some bigger changes that will be taking place now and over the coming months.

Firstly, I’ve made our current active courses FREE and I’ll be working through updates to make them creative commons licensed over the coming months.

I’ll also be changing our hosting provider to one that is more cost effective and values aligned. One that is greener and does not use Google Cloud.

The platform proposition will evolve. Redesigned to reflect the recent changes while still focusing on the vision. So the public facing website will be updated to match.

Our relationship agreement and data protection notice will be getting redesigned as will the sign up experience. Which in itself is a great learning opportunity for those of you that want to get hands on with Better Disclosure.

In the meantime I’ll be writing more updates like this and some longer blog articles as well.

Got questions, ideas, suggestions or messages of support. Maybe a funny joke or haiku…reply here 🙂

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