Why we're building a platform ecosystem


When you’re doing something new, information asymmetry is a challenge. What I mean by this is simple. Mat and I, as the founders and chief obsessors of all things Greater Than Learning, have access to more nuanced and detailed information about our mission, vision, strategy and tactics. This is normal.

But… Because of this, people ask really great questions. They also offer up useful comments. Here are some recent examples:

  1. “What are you actually building?”
  2. “It sounds like you’re building something for everyone…?”
  3. “I think I love it, but I’m not 💯 percent sure where this is going”
  4. “It’s too complicated. Is this mostly for academics?”

If we fail to overcome the ambiguity – even for our earliest and most passionate supporters – we will fail to achieve the positive impact that motivates us.

With that said, let’s get clear about what we’re building.


A platform ecosystem

We’re building a platform ecosystem. Platform ecosystems provide the foundation for value, meaning and engagement exchanges*.

*I’m extending the definition here.

In simple terms, they help connect people who have something with people that want something. They provide the ‘plumbing’ to enable these connections and exchanges.

Core to platfrom ecosystems is a learning engine that supports ecosystem participants in learning better, together. And it’s worth noting that ecosystem participants might not be members. They could be regulatory bodies, industry associations, advocacy groups etc. The learning the platform supports isn’t isolated to the platform. It can and should be shared.

In our case, we’re connecting people who have models and methods to make ethical change making easier than it ever has been (content creators) with people who want to learn how to make their version of ethical change making a reality (content learners).

We’re doing this because, right now, doing the ethical actions people want to is really hard. There’s a systemic ethical intent to action gap. This has resulted in widespread distrust. Widespread distrust is negatively impacting our systems of living.

In short, this is a problem worth solving. It’s important to people. It’s currently underserved.

Wanna join us?

You can absolutely wait. That’s up to you. But, if you wanna be part of shaping the community and its impact, get involved in the private beta.

Big ❤️ as always.