Better decisions, together


We’ve got an ambitious vision. We reckon we’re onto a problem worth solving. And we think our unique learning model will help us solve it. 

Better governance

In order to achieve our vision of a highly differentiated organisation that positively impacts the world, we need to do governance differently. We don’t yet have all the answers. But we do have some strong hypotheses that we’ve started putting to the test.

Openness and accountability in action

A lot of organisations talk about these values. Sometimes explicitly. Sometimes implicitly. 

Our Key Decision Log is how we are making our commitment to openness and accountability real. Although it can be tough, we are beginning to overcome the ethical intent to action gap.

Better decisions, together

We believe our platform and community will deliver greater positive impact over time if community members are directly involved in key decisions. 

The problem is, we’re pre-launch. So, we recently started thinking about how we might kickstart participatory decision-making quickly. We came up with the concept of our Advisory Circle. This thinking built upon our work operationalising Data Ethics Frameworks. There’s context about this initiative here in our Key Decision Log.

Right now we’re trying to establish this Advisory Circle.

What do members do?

  1. Spend about 30 mins a week to help refine our Key Decision Log
  2. Join occasional calls with the Advisory Members (optimising for 45 mins once per month), and
  3. Offer general support and advocacy

What do members get?

  1. A lifetime free membership to the community/platform (Course Creator Category)
  2. The ability to shape our participatory governance model, and
  3. The ability to help us make the decisions that matter most

Want to know more?

We’d love to establish an open and diverse Advisory Circle before public launch. We’ve already started reaching out to people we admire and respect. We’d love to extend our reach and connect with people well outside our first degree network.

If you’d like to dive into the details, connect with Nate or Mat on LinkedIn.