Adding $45bn to GDP? Here's how


We’ve long argued that there is a growing body of evidence to suggest that trustworthy organisations perform better. Fortunately for us, this body of evidence continues growing.

Although I’m well aware of confirmation bias – and this is actually about way more than just ‘evidence’ to me – the outlook is clearer to me than ever before. Now is the time for meaningful ethical action at scale. Now is the time to step back, progressively redesign our systems and work towards a tomorrow that is more sustainable.

If you think this sounds silly, or you want to know where the huge number in the title comes from, check out The Ethics Centre’s latest report.

Although I love seeing stuff like this, I’m skeptical. We (as a species) continue justifying everything in terms of dollars and cents (often when it makes less than ideal sense).

I struggle to envisage a future that truly is socially preferable if ethics and trust are always framed economically.

Maybe my biases limit my perspective here.

What’s your take? Has this report hit it for 6? Or does it barely scratch the surface?